What we do

We are a boutique consultancy firm focused on helping clients to confront the world´s toughest problems by applying Key Enabling and Future Emerging Technologies. We do this by designing strategies for deep science technologies, in a rapidly changing competitive landscape. We believe that impact, defined and measured, is central to sustainable competitiveness, we use this belief to drive our advice.

To do this, we bring together consultants who are top in their field in R&D and Product Development. We combine their expertise with deep research into technology applications and market dynamics. We use Landscape Monitor®, an own designed software, to monitor internal and external developments to give us up to date competitive insights. We use those insights to make specific product recommendations to meet the needs of the customer and to adapt the enterprise architecture and systems to make it work. Finally, through Sandpits and Idea Labs, we look at corporate innovation culture and identify concrete Change Management plans to help bring all employees along for the ride.

What do we specialize in?

• Micro and nanoelectronics
• Nanotechnology
• Industrial biotechnology
• Advanced materials
• Photonics
• Advanced manufacturing technologies

Want to know more?

• Arts and science
• Biotechnologies
• Data analysis and FET promotion
• Global System Science
• Green technologies
• Medical and neuro-technologies
• Nanotechnologies
• Quantum technologies
• Robotics
• Technologies with new materials

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Services we provide

✔ Deep science and innovation consulting
✔ Innovation portfolio review with the top specialists in deep science fields to assess risks and opportunities for your business
✔ Impact strategy advice to focus mission driven business models
✔ Personalized competitive landscape mapping and management tools
✔ Corporate innovation culture training and support
✔ Technology transfer support through optimized market fit and marketing plans
✔ Machine learning driven market research and trend analysis
✔ Think of us as a deep science think tank with a lot of real world go-to-market experience
✔ Enterprise transformation planning, including the architecture and systems required to make new technology work

Our Work

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