Luca VenzaImpact & Talent Management   

Luca is a specialist in creating impact business models and leveraging impact objectives to drive culture/performance within an organization. To do this, companies need to clearly articulate specific impact metrics which drive decision making, monitor and evaluate performance against them, and communicate those priorities throughout the company to optimize corporate behavior. We can measure this against the 4 Rights: Right people, Right positions, Right time, Right incentives. We apply this framework to assess the effectiveness of Boards and C-Suite Professionals and to train teams for better results. Done well, culture flows from this but requires person-by-person attention to constantly bring people back to mission and purpose as well as to optimize each individual´s value to the impact objectives. Luca worked 10 years in impact investing managing large development funds, 6 years for multinational energy giants BP and Gas Natural Fenosa on strategies for energy transition, and has worked the past 4 years talent management at IESE Business School.

Tony DávilaInnovation Management & Mapping   

Tony is one of the foremost thinkers on the topic of corporate innovation management. He has authored (or coauthored) several books including The Innovation Paradox (2014) and Making Innovation Work: How to Manage It, Measure It, and Profit from It (2006). Tony has developed the Landscape Monitor® as a unique tool to help company manage their innovation internally as well as keeping up with changes in the competitive landscape outside. He is a Professor of Entrepreneurship and holder of the Seat Chair of Innovation and the Alcatel-Lucent Chair of Management of Technology at IESE Business School. He earned his doctorate from Harvard Business School and his MBA from IESE. His teaching and research focuses on management systems in entrepreneurial firms, new product development and innovation management.

Frank MalekMachine Learning & Artificial Intelligence  

Frank is an experienced C-Suite Executive (HP, Cisco, Huawei) with a demonstrated history of effectively combining strategy and execution that leads to substantial revenue growth and sustainable business results. He has built multiple next generation businesses, current revenue $5B+, and successfully exited. His experience in product development & management, M&A, new market development, strategic planning, portfolio management and business operations ranges across decades of tech sector growth. His ample areas of expertise include: Networking, Enterprise Software, IoT, Big Data Analytics, SDN/NFV, Wireless & Mobility, Storage, Services, Collaboration Systems, Datacenter and Cloud. He is most passionate about building / scaling global businesses and teams.

Steve HaslettTechnology Products & Marketing

Steve is a veteran C-Suite Executive currently sitting on several public and privately held corporate boards. He joined Hewlett-Packard in the UK after graduating with a Masters Degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Imperial College, London. His 24-year career with HP took him to Hong Kong, Germany, California, Tokyo and Singapore. Steve joined Dell Computer Asia Pacific as VP Business Development, VP Marketing and VP Dell Ventures, helping to grow Dell’s business from US$ 50M to US$ 2 Billion, including a successful entry into China. Steve has actively assisted many hi-tech startups. As an Angel investor, he is involved with numerous hi-tech early-stage companies.

Maggie DuganCreativity & Innovation   

Maggie is an innovation workshop architect, especially skilled at immersive, interactive events (she calls them Sandpits and Ideas Labs) around new product development and brand brainstorming and complex problem solving. She’s a seasoned facilitator in accelerating multidisciplinary scientific innovation. She designs and delivers meetings, workshop, innovation labs, hack-a-thons and other interactive events that are high impact and high intensity. Maggie is motivated to work with people and organizations that really mean it when they claim to want to be more innovative, and she has the tools to help them figure out how. She works with a number of facilitation outfits: Knowinnovation, Inclusive Innovation and Innovation Bound, leading creative problem solving workshops, idea-generating sessions, innovation training programs, leadership workshops and train-the-facilitator workshops.

Alexander ZakEnterpriseTransformationStrategy andLeadership

Alexander serves many of the world’s leading firms on Enterprise Transformation, Strategy, and Leadership. A dynamic, engaging, and highly interactive presenter, facilitator, and thought leader, he works with Board Level, C-Suite, Senior Executives, and High Potential talent. Differentiating him from most is the ability to rigorously bring both the “hard” and “soft” perspectives together to address ever-present complexity at the intersection of technical or business issues, organisational challenges, and political constraints. He is particularly effective with high-pressure, client-driven cultures, accustomed to interactions with top global talent, demanding credibility, knowledge, and experience, well beyond the state of practice. In addition to working with corporate clients, Alexander is an award-winning faculty at the University of California. Consistent with his views on holism and systems thinking, he teaches graduate and executive courses on a broad range of Business and Engineering topics.


Stephen DunneNeuroscience   

Stephen has over 15 years experience translating cutting-edge R&D into real-world technologies with positive impact in the fields of Earth Observation, Smart Cities and Neuroscience. Currently managing Neuroelectrics, one of the world’s leading wireless, neuro-monitoring and neuro-modulation technology companies. Fascinated by emerging technologies and their potential impact on society.  He is a specialist in medical devices, noninvasive brain stimulation, human-computer confluence, brain-computer interface, neuromarkers, machine learning, and electrophysiology. With a background in Space Physics, he spent his early career developing technologies and applications for the European Space Agency while at Starlab.

Pablo CironiTech Transfer, Genomics   

Pablo is the Head the Technology and Business Development Office activities where he channels CRG´s discoveries to market. He has over 14 years of research and development experience in Drug Discovery, Synthetic Biology and Protein Therapeutics, and 10 years managing technology transfer and commercialization processes in areas such as genomics, protein therapeutics, gene therapy, cell therapy, live bio therapeutics, etc. Dr. Cironi has acquired a unique and strong acumen in strategy and innovation, and serves on several boards of renowned health research institutions.

Prior to his appointment at Center for Genomic Regulation, Pablo was Senior Innovation & Technology Transfer Manager at the Botín Foundation, one of the nation’s largest philanthropy where he was responsible for identifying new business opportunities, managing the IP portfolio and defining business strategies to accelerating developments of scientific discoveries into viable innovations to improve health, wellbeing, and geared towards socioeconomic impact.

Pablo holds a B.Sc. in Chemistry from the University of Buenos Aires and a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Barcelona. He was a postdoctoral Fulbright Fellow at the Department of Systems Biology at Harvard University from 2005 to 2009, during which he worked on different aspects of Synthetic Biology, Protein Design and Engineering, in addition to successfully developing a novel technology for designing novel protein therapeutics.

Dr. Alex MartiEnvironment, Big Data   

Alex is a co-founder and CEO of MITIGA Solutions, an award winning spin-off of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) that provides technological solutions to forecast and mitigate the impact of atmospheric hazards across multiple industries. He combines his entrepreneurial vocation with his leading role for the BSC’s High Performance Computing (HPC) atmospheric impact services. Before returning to Barcelona, Alex served for 10+ years as a project manager for the U.S. Government bridging cutting-edge R&D into industry, and collaborated with organizations such as NASA and Microsoft. Alex holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, and doctorate and postgraduate degrees in Applied Physics and Geospatial Technologies from Princeton and Cambridge University. He has been awarded with the prestigious Marie Curie Fellowship from the European Commission. Alex served as a professor at several U.S. universities and collaborates with several programs at IESE and ESADE Business Schools. Alex’s areas of expertise include HPC, the Cloud, insurtech and geospatial technologies, GRC and business intelligence.